Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Is It Friday Yet?

I woke up today feeling pretty icky--sore throat, stuffy, you know how it goes. After being awake for a bit, I feel somewhat better. But I can just feel it, brewing. Waiting for me to push too hard. And I am definitely one to push too hard. Oh well, at least this layout makes me happy. I love Urban Prairie soo much. The colors rock. I layered with a bunch of the stickers and papers. I decorated my daughter's room in the same color scheme! The Ki Paper is very cool. I feel like making placemats with them. I was trying to get a Christmas card photo on Thanksgiving and caught these pictures. They are sweet, sometimes.

Speaking of sweet, I had two of my scrappy friends give me this award! How fun! I am glad that the blog is appreciated. Somedays I wonder if anyone is looking. LOL!

In turn, I need to nominate 5 blogs I love. Well, I love lots of blogs, but I will narrow it to 5.
1. Staci Taylor: I adore her work. Like I think she is super talented! And I am glad for all of her successes this past year!
2. Iris: There is no other like her in the world. The creativity there-whoa!
3. Janine: Another gal who constantly inspires me. She is so amazing!
4. Debbie: She rocks the multiple photos! And she is super sweet!
5. Jen: My buddy from over at The Nook. Not only do we have a ton in common, but she is a very gifted card maker. Just being around her has made me want to be better!
I could go on and on. Stephanie Howell, Danielle, Bri, ScrapScene---the list continues!!!


  1. Awwwww, thanks girlie!! You are too kind! I love your blog too, what amazing eye candy to be found here! :) Those pics of your little ones are just too too sweet!

  2. hope you start feeling better! great work, too! :)

  3. Such a beautiful layout! Hope you're feeling better soon!

  4. Sorry you're feeling yucky, Stacey! Hope it doesn't blow up into a full blown anything.
    Your page is adorable. So bright and happy, and I love that KI sheer. What a great idea to turn them into placemats. lol
    Oh, and I definitely checked at ScrapStreet first thing on the first. that was super fun for me. Thanks again for asking!

  5. Love those colors too; great layering and dimension. Feel better!

  6. Oh such a great layout girl! Love all the goodies and patterns on here. They work so well together and that picture is so sweet!

  7. That is just beautiful! I, too, LOVE Urban Prairie, even though I haven't actually got my hands on it yet...

  8. I feel just like you but I am hoping I am at the end! I love the layout!!!!!

  9. Stacy, I so love your work. This is a great layout once again! I hope you are feeling better today. I have been sick this week too and it is a bummer!

  10. Aww, thanks for totally making my day Stacey! That was so sweet of you, and the feeling is totally mutual! I adore you and your amazing work! That layout is pure gorgeousness (like my word? lol), and it totally makes me want to dig into my urban prairie that I haven't gotten to play with yet! I hope you feel better, girl!!

  11. this is just beautiful, I love it!


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