Wednesday, April 22, 2009

These Guys

These guys are cousins, born 5 weeks apart. They are best friends and stick together through and through. My sister in law is the Great Organizer of the family. She loves to plan activities and trips-it is in her blood. Me, not so much. I totally appreciate that she does this because we have done some great things as a family. Last year, we went to see Thomas and, of course, she came prepared with bandanas and train whistles. Look at them together. Don't they just ooze "trouble"?

The journaling sums it up: We can see it coming. You two get that look & egg each other on. Then you ignore us. That is why you are the time-out twins.

Oh, some days, these guys just need to be separated. Most days, they just really love each other!

Made this using some of the Dream Street I won! It is all yummy and I love these colors for boys. I am struggling lately to find good "boy" paper...Oh well! More reason to shop!


  1. When you find that great boy paper, please let me know!!! Everything seems to be so girlie!!! Love this LO!!!! How adorable they are so close in age!!!! My grandson and his cousin are they same way and boy do we have out hands full when the two of them get together!!! What a great sister in law....planning and doing the organizing and what a great idea to bring along whistles and bandanas!!!! happy Wednesday!

  2. you got very nice blogger..
    i liked it..
    all the best

  3. Oh have you brought back memories! I may just have to scraplift this idea. My son and his cousin are 9 months apart but they share a very similar relationship. And oh the mischief they could find! Of course they are much older now. And the bond between them is fierce! LOVE this!!!

  4. I agree, perfect colors for boys! :) Love how you did the title and they do just look like trouble, cute, but trouble. :)

  5. I am IN LOVE with that title! What a riot!

  6. CUTE! Adorable photos and love our visits with Thomas.

  7. I love your work girlie, so inspiring!

  8. love how you used these papers on a layout !

  9. you did a fantastic job with these papers. love the color combo & all the layers


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