Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This Time of Year

...brings back memories of being a high school cheerleading coach. We would spend Friday nights under the lights of the football fied. The band playing, trying to motivate the crowd. I took it seriously, so did those girls. Did you know that my squad went to the UCA High School National Cheerleading Championship? The one they show on ESPN...yep, we were there on that floor! I love coaching, loved instilling that pride to do your best and work as hard as you could. They were good. But it wasn't the stunting or the cheers that made me happiest. It was those girls! Learning and growing with really was one of the coolest times of my life. They still all call me Coach, which is so funny to me. Hmmm....I feel a page coming on!

This time of year also reminds me of my wedding! We had a clear, crisp day! Perfect for the season. I just adore fall!

I have been playing with the September Kit from My Scrapbook Nook and it is gorgeous! Pink Paislee Amber Road---I could build my wardrobe with those colors! So here is my first layout. Yes, I realize it is not a fall layout (actually my daughter is wearing a bathing suit), but that's okay!

She is a trip! The jagged border on the bottom was a total accident! Gotta love it when it turns out okay!

This time of year also brings many of our birthdays--Steve, Nathan, me, Sue (SIL), my sisters--it gets nuts! And of course, it brings back to school. My transition is going well--I have no energy to scrap at night, but I will adjust! I haven't been able to bloghop and visit my friends as much so if I haven't gotten to you, I apologize. I will...

Another favorite of this time of year!? Sleeping with the windows open! Nightie, night (and I hope I will dream up a layout using the title "this time of year"...LOL!)


  1. Oh Stacey this LO is PERFECT!!! Love the colors...the detail and the pics....she is just precious!!! is the see I have all these wonderful I will be sending them your way for works of art :)!!!!!! I'm sleeping with the window open toooooo! Is it not wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing...I just adore you!!! :)

  2. Love your signature look of trimming the paper the way you do, very creative. I hope I can get some of that paper one of those days. I'm buried right now under my huge and ever increasing stash, so I'm holding off on buying these papers... hee hee, love your layout!!!

  3. What a GREAT LO, as always!!! I love the edges. Your work is always so fabulous!

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous page!
    I am not a lover of open windows...the crickets drive me insane. lol

  5. love the jagged edge layering at the bottom :D

  6. Wow on those colors! Not only do they work for fall but they would be amazing for Christmas. LOVE the effect.

  7. Gorgeous layout Stacey! So very cute and love all the details!

  8. I love, love, love this layout. The jagged edges are awesome - love all the yummy layers.

    I also love sleeping with the windows open. Ahhhhh....

  9. simply gorgeous! I love your attention to detail.

  10. such intricate work Stacey! Love it all! The colors, the photo, the placement of the embellishments. So inspiring


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