Sunday, October 25, 2009


So, since turning age five just a couple of weeks ago, plus going to preschool, Nathan has had quite the turnaround. He is more cooperative, calmer, shares better and has far better self-control. What used to be a NO or B...B..But has been replaced with an Okay.

Yesterday at Target, the two of them were goofing off. A lot. Yes, I was boring them a bit, looking at the cute new clothes and even trying some things on. I realize that situation stinks for them. (But there was a adorable purple sweater I had to try). But they should listen. Life does not just revolve around them!

I told them a fairy tale about a mom who really wanted to buy a new movie for her kids, but they weren't listening. Then I asked them directly to please stop. Nathan flipped a switch and totally listened. I almost fainted.

Ella on the other hand...ugh!

So I am just very proud of the little guy he is becoming. There is so much potential and I love being able to witness and mold. (I know Ella will get there too!)

Supplies: Paper, Die-Cuts: Collage Press; Buttons: Little Yellow Bicycle

The Collage Press papers kinda scrapped themselves here. Gotta love a great paper company!

I wanted to let you know that the November kit is available from The Nook. Gorgeous LilyBee--the Audrey line is so sophisicated!

I can't believe it is Sunday already. Somebody block Mr. Time's way and slow him down! I have too much to clean, too much to scrap, too many hugs to give!

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!


  1. Um, can I borrow that switch for a couple of days? Five, hun? My little one is two and a half and soooo stubborn and rebellious these days. Everything's a fight. Oh, well, that's two I suppose. Your layout is wonderful. Love all those stars popping out.

  2. Hey I am going to try that idea out...probably will work for Evan also...but Gavin...hmmmmm that is another story!!! Hey I saw you is proud of you!!!! Love the LO as I always do!!!!!! Have a great Sunday!!!! :-)

  3. Hope you had a wonderful Sunday Stacey!

  4. Such a gorgeous layout Stacey! Good luck on the CP call. I have been loving the pages you are creating with their beautiful papers.

  5. The whole Target scenario?
    I have SO been there!
    My kids love to make me a nervous wreck when we are at the store!
    Great layout, I LOVE Collage Press!

  6. Great layout Stacey!! I love 5 and it was magical for our oldest as well. It's like a light goes on all of a sudden! Our youngest is soon to be 5 and we're hoping for the same magical transformation!!

  7. Beautiful layout! I hear you on the 5 although that switch isn't entirely working with my 5 year old, but there's definitely progress!! :)

  8. Hi Stacey!

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