Friday, November 27, 2009

Part 2

Part 2 of my Halloween layouts

Part 2 of overeating as I sit here very full not only from food overload on Thanksgiving, but also food overload today

Black Friday shopping...the deals weren't that great, but it is nice to complete 90% of my shopping all at once. The best part is the time spent with the girls--one of my favorite days each year!

I was awake by 4:15 and in my car at 4:45. No one should get up that early...ever! LOL!

So here are two more layouts using Twilight by Pink Paislee! I can't get enough of this paperline!

Wrapped: Ella seems to be the center of attention! LOL--she has a way of wrapping all of us around her finger!

Cuteness Alert: My two cuties in the costumes!

Nathan is sooo into super heroes right now! He loves to wear his Mr. Incredible costume around the house! It is pretty funny!

Hope you are all recovering from your food comas. Anyone want to start an exercise group???


  1. love that you wrapped the string around the date on "wrapped" - gorgeous LO - i love that paper line too :D

    my girls wear their costumes year round too LOL :D

  2. I desparately need to start exercising again, it's been a month! ugh!!

    Love the Halloween layouts, the costumes alone are beyond adorable!! Fantastic use of PP, I hope you are trying for their team!

  3. Love these LO's...they are just PERFECT!!!

    Good for you on your shopping!!!

  4. i'm so raising my hand on that exercise group invitation! ;-) I'm still full from thursday!! love your additional halloween layouts - you totally rocked the PP! and yes, don't those little girls have a way of getting everyone on their side?! lol Hope you had a great holiday, my friend!


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