Monday, December 30, 2013

It's Been Quiet Around Here

I have decided to take the holidays off from blogging.  I keep meaning to get here, but I get lazy.  And that is a good thing.  Life should have it's slow moments where you just recharge.

Speaking of quiet, I have picked my 2014 Word of the Year.  It will be WHISPER:

I want to be quiet enough to hear the whisper.  I want to talk softer.  I think it increases the possibility of real conversation.  It helps people listen carefully and makes you listen more in return.

I want to hear the whispers around me.  Kids playing, interactions of family members, comments among students at school...those whispers that will make me more observant.  There is a lot to gain from listening and learning.

I want to listen to my inner whispers.  Those quiet voices that speak with calmness.  They are there, leading and guiding.  All the stress and chaos and noise can drown them out.

I want to whisper more with my kids.  Show them a different way to deal with problems.  I want to approach life with more dialogue, even more firmness.  A whisper should be all it takes.  When we get in those cycles where we are all heated and loud, I want to whisper.  It will be really hard, but I believe they will have to stop, lean in and listen in a different way.

I love this word and all it can represent.  There is so much power.

I will be back soon with my top 10 layouts of the year along with many projects to share!

Until then....Happy New Year!

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