Saturday, February 22, 2014

She Got a Fancy Haircut

My Ella has been in the "I am growing out my hair" phase for a while now.  She has grown out those little girl bangs and has focused on length.  The headband was a constant in her life for a while.  Lately, she just wants it down.

But it just hangs.  So today, while I was getting my hair done, I asked if her hair could be trimmed.  My amazing hairdresser, Archell, gave her a haircut.  Seven-going-on-eight-year-old style.  The bangs are shaped and she has layers.

I have glimpsed into the future.  Life is whizzing by and before I know it, we will be picking out prom dresses.  Can I hold onto seven forever?

I made this page a while ago...I love the pictures of her and her friends from her birthday party!  Talk about a glimpse in the future.

I still love banners....probably will from now until the time she goes to that prom and beyond.
Here is a photo of her!  Side swept bangs, layers and a great big smile.

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