Sunday, May 4, 2014

At Home: Pop Star Party

Happy Sunday!  We celebrated Ella's 8th birthday yesterday with a very fun Pop Star theme party!  There are so many good resources on Pinterest for finding amazing ideas for party décor, games and food!  I lifted them and interpreted them so the ideas worked within the supplies I could find!

Here are some shots from the party!

I went with a blue, pink and black color scheme, mixing in other brights like yellow, purple and green in very small doses!  I love to set the table when I have a party.  It creates a very festive feel! 
 I made a centerpiece using traditional star bursts.  I got both at the dollar store.  I also bought packages of the silver stores from the dollar store and Party City.  To make the dimensional one is the center, I folded two stars in half.  The I placed the fold back to back and stapled!  So easy and the stars then stood upright.  I added confetti and that fun inflatable microphone that I got from Oriental Trading!

I also love to set up a dessert table!  I added several silver stars around the backdrop, taping some to the wall and hanging others from the ceiling.  They were kinda boring so I added the crepe paper circles to the middle of each large star.  I got them from the cupcake toppers as shown in the picture below.  I already had the pink paper lantern so I added it in to make is seem like a disco ball!  No joke, the backdrop probably cost under $15.00.

We found this Rock Star badge at the dollar store!  Score!  I hung it right above the cupcake tray.  I filled jars and plates with Ring Pops, Pop Rocks and gumballs.  All items from either Oriental Trading or the Dollar Store.  I used bright pink frosting for the cupcakes and topped each one with a brightly colored topper.  I got these from Party City and they helped me solidify the color scheme.
I found a really cool idea for a different type of cupcake while browsing Pinterest!  You can make microphone cupcakes using colored sugar cones, a cupcake inserted into the top, dark frosting and string licorice for the "wire".  My niece, Jesse, made these for me and they came out so great!  She got the cones at Walmart!  She also filled the inside of the microphone cones with candy.

I also dipped pretzels into chocolate and called them Drum Sticks!
As each girl entered, she received a VIP pass!  I lucked out and found these at Party City.  They are really invitations, but I cut them.  I only needed one package...for $8.00, they were worth it.  The plastic badges and strings were found at Oriental Trading.

Each girl also had the chance to decorate a paper guitar, found at Oriental Trading.  They loved this station at the party!  Ella came up with the idea to have every girl sign her guitar!
We had a Pop Star hair and make-up station where the girls could put on tattoos. They also had their hair sprayed with pink or purple strips. Each star got a inflatable microphone and sunglasses! Then we were ready for karaoke! I can't tell you how many times they sang, Let It Go. The smiles sum it up though!
This pop princess had a blast!  It was a fun party!


  1. Good to know about this pop star party. Couple of months ago, I arranged my cousin’s birthday party at one of lovely Seattle venues. It was a themed birthday party and we celebrated her birthday in a grand fashion.


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