Sunday, March 8, 2015

Relying on Others

Sometimes you rely on others to gain perspective.  You need them to tell the truth so your life can make sense and  you can move forward.  I believe in telling the truth and appreciate hearing it. 

I asked for the truth several years ago from my mom.  I wanted to know some things about my childhood.  I had some feelings and memories of happenings, but I couldn't clearly get the vision of what went on.

My mom told the truth and it must have been hard.  She had to relive some things and admit some truths.  I am grateful that she did because my flashes and memories made sense. 

I created this page for the Inside Out kit, BRAVE.  I loved exploring this theme.  It was empowering and healing.  I will share more about this page over at the Inside Out blog this month.

I believe scrapbooking should be about the stories and there is power in telling all sorts of those, even the hard ones.  If you are interested in this kit and the concept, check out the website for information about joining.

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