Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Hero, Indeed!

I recently found out that my dad has been named an Unsung Hero by the school system where he works. He is a school custodian who takes great pride in his work performance. The Unsung Hero award usually goes to a teacher from each of the buildings. Well, it was proposed that the honor be given to my dad this time. He earned it by a unanimous vote because of all his efforts to make the school a great place for kids to learn. I guess he decorated for the holidays in a way only my dad could. I remember growing up that he would go above and beyond in creating elaborate holiday scenes, crafting wooden deer and building ice sculptures. He is truly an artist. He is also a humble man who goes out of his way for the simple act, not the attention. How wonderful that he is being shown appreciation! I created this layout about him a while back. You can tell from the title that I consider him to be my hero, always have and always will!

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  1. I love this Stacey! Our Dad is the best. Way to express how much he means to not only you but myself as well!!!


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