Thursday, March 6, 2008

My First Post!

I have wanted to start one of these things for a while now, but actually felt sort of silly. Taking that first risk is sometimes difficult for me. I overthink way too much in this life. So everytime I do throw myself out there, it is like I am letting go and just being. I overthink in scrapbooking too, which led to my mantra: It's just paper! Whenever I am taking too long or wondering if a new idea will work or not, I think "it's just paper". Have fun, play, create! Here is my scrapbooking journal that I just created by altering a notebook. I plan to record ideas and inspirations, create sketches, and keep track of scrapbooking stuff with it!

Well, that wasn't too hard. Another risk taken...


  1. See, wasn't hard at all! I love your title and your banner. You're a good writer, too, Stacey, so I'd say you're all set with this blogging thing!!!

    Great job, girlie!!!

  2. Stacey! I think we're the same person!! lol I do the same exact thing... Overthink. I think too much. It sounds weird, I know! But I do the same thing when I scrapbook too. I'm slowly but surely changing though. What used to take me a couple days to finish is now taking only ONE DAY! lol haha

  3. What a great start to your blog Stacey! :) Can't wait to read more and see more of your projects!

  4. Stacey it looks wonderful! Love your notebook! Way to go!

  5. looking good Stacey! I love your notebook and banner :)


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