Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Babies No More...

Well, it happened. I no longer have "babies". This morning when I dropped Nathan off at Nana's house, it struck me how grown his is, between his conversational skills and his height. Much to my dismay, Ella developed an interest in my lipstick. I found her like this the other day. She disappeared for a few minutes and it was way too quiet. When I discovered her, she had lipstick all over herself. "Mommy, I beautiful.", she announced. I have to admit that I ran for my camera before I ran for the washcloth. I was lucky enough to get these photos.

For National Scrapbooking Day this past weekend, ScrapStreet hosted a big crop. I had to come up with a challenge and dared people to discover their inner material girl. Madonna seems to have made yet another comeback so I wanted to use her very many looks as an inspiration. I created this using elements of her early looks (think right back to Like a Virgin). The black circles represent those black, rubber bracelets. I incorporated the lace to go with that famous dress. The criss-cross ribbon idea came from the memory of those lace-up boots. I thought the whole theme would be perfect for the pics of my little material girl. Oh La La!

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  1. I love this layout and your daughter is just adorable. I know what you mean about coming to the realization that your children are no longer babies. It's so bittersweet isn't it?


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