Thursday, June 19, 2008


I am determined to scrap today! I have like 6 different ideas and now I just have to pick up my stuff and go! I took some allergy medicine and it is helping. So--cheer me on as I try to jump back in!

I did this layout a while back, just haven't shared it yet. It documents one of those everyday moments in life! I stamped the numbers and then cut them out of the paper. The blue waffle-like piece is actually a plastic cross-stitch canvas that I painted. This stuff is cool and has lots of possibilities! Journaling reads: So it was a typical Saturday morning around 8:00 when I asked, "Who's hungry?" "Waffles or french toast?" I inquired next. Your usual answer, "Waffles and french toast." Not today. "Umm, 2 waffles," you answered in a matter-of-fact voice while holding up 2 fingers. Excuse me-2 waffles! Since when do you make such specific requests. I laughed out loud (& then thought, "What is this, the Olympia Diner?"). It was another shift for you. Apparently, you know what you want and your not afraid to order it?


  1. Your determination has inspired me. I'll try to clean off my scrap space and get something going.

    -I found your blog through 2 peas bloggers. I'll be back!

  2. How fun!!! love this LO!! you can do it!! *cheer, cheer*!!! Can't wait to see what you create!!

  3. Sounds like breakfast at our house! LOL! I love this Stacey... the cross-stitch canvas - brilliant! The colors are great and I love the little menu card!

  4. love the lo about waffles. my son loves theme have to make an lo to him on that subject.


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