Wednesday, June 4, 2008

In Living Color!

Nathan just amazes me! He is so observant and aware of his environment. Sometimes I worry that it works against him, pulls his focus in too many directions. I have to remember that he is only 3 years old and hopefully he will channel this skill as he gets older. I am in awe of his memory. We took the kids down to Old Wethersfield last weekend. We park at the start of the historical district, walk to the cove, to the playground and then back. The last time we were there was last summer. As soon as we pulled into the space and he saw where we were, he made a comment about the water and the ice cream place. It hit me that he is constantly remembering things! Gosh, will he be successful later in life!

I was inspired to do this layout because of that story and because of this photo! The colors are soo bright, not ones that I usually use. I handcut the gears out of the sheet of paper and added some doodling! I love the quote! Journaling reads: Your mind is always working. Daddy & I are amazed by your unbelievable memory. You constantly make connections & associations. Sometimes I wonder if you get tired in there. I believe that you wil perform amazing acts in this world so imagine, question & think!


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