Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day!

Happy fourth of July! It is such a quiet holiday for us this year--no picnics, parties, fireworks. Hmmm--may have to at least have a hot dog later. Speaking of independence in a different way, this picture of the two kiddos makes me giggle. They were so little. Ella was just days old here. Now, they are both fiercely independent and strong-willed! I rescrapped this photo because I thought it would be perfect with this week's Color Combo Challenge colors! I added in a bit of green just to make it all pop! Journaling reads: This is the second time I've used this picture. The first time, I reflected on how Nathan was handling the transition to having Ella around. There was a rough patch and I felt a lot of guilt. Over the years, that has most certainly changed. I often comment to Daddy that we have given you both a wonderful gift--each other. Because when I see you with each other now--there is only love!

I am amazed lately about how my two kids adore each other. Yes, they still fight a lot. But they also really look out for each other. When we are at the park, Nathan doesn't go more than ten minutes before he has to know where Belle is. It is so sweet!

Let me end by saying that when it rains it pours. The scrapping gods are good to me right now! More about that later...


  1. Hello! Found you on scrapbook nook. This layout and your last post are simply adorable!

  2. lovely layout! Happy Independence day!

  3. Such a wonderful layout, totally love it. :)

  4. Oh, stacey, you tease, lol! I can't wait to hear your exciting scrappy news! That is a wonderful photo (and the LO is gorgeous!)! I had the same exact thoughts with my kiddos - guilt at first since DS was still such a baby himself when DD came along (26 months) and now such thrill at how much they love each other! Loved your LO's in MM's RIG :-) Hope you had a great 4th!

  5. Stac-

    This is too funny....I just did my LO for the color combo and posted it. I just saw yours and laughed at how we used a similar photo. Sometimes it's scary how we are on the same page....even if we haven't talked about it.



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