Sunday, October 12, 2008

Couldn't Have Asked For a Better Day!

Yesterday was at close to perfect as it gets! We celebrated Nathan's fourth birthday with family and close friends. The weather was amazing with sunny skies and temperatures at around 70 degrees. The kids were all well-behaved and had a blast playing together. My BFFs, who I do not get to see enough, both came. Just to be able to spend some time with them was a gift. Nathan loves the Disney Cars movie so much and chose that as the theme of his party. The guests knew that so he got every Cars toy, coloring book, puzzle, book bag under the sun! And he loves them all! He has not put down the large Mac truck with all of the vehicles from the movie. It has been very quiet here this morning, hence my ability to blog! The party went late because the family doesn't get together that often. You could hear laughter and talking throughout the house! Ella needed the binkie and her blankie near the end of it all!
I feel very fortunate for my blessings. I just stared at Nathan many times yesterday. I am so proud of his spirit and his level of caring. He is a great kid. And he is growing so fast. I think I have kissed him a hundred times in the past 24 hours.
It was perfect!


  1. Aww, happy happy 4th birthday to your little man! He's such a cutie and looks like he had so much fun! This is such a fun age, isn't it?

  2. Happy Birthday Nathan!!!
    I am so glad that you had a perfect day! I loved the 4's...they were so much fun, enjoy every moment Stacey!!

  3. awww what a fab day! Such a cutie.


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