Monday, October 27, 2008

Feels Good to Be Back!

I scrapped like crazy this weekend! Steve was away camping and I decided to just jump in and go! Did 4, yes 4 layouts! I used to be a super-slow, analyze-everything, move-things-a-half-inch-here, anal scrapbooker. But I found a groove. Now I can get a page done in just a couple of hours. If something is not working, I try something else. If only I could apply that strategy to other places in life like parenting and being a wife! LOL! This is one of my favorite pics of Ella. She is as fierce as the wind and the waves! I love, love, love this Scenic Route. The colors, the patterns, the feel of the paper. Makes me soo happy!
What else makes me happy lately? My kid's food. Have you ever tried one of those Eggo Maple Syrup French Toast sticks? OMG! Sinful. They toast up nicely and have these little pockets of syrup that ooze when you bit into one. And chocolate Teddi Grahams. Yummy! Then I wonder why my little belly pouch won't go away even after 3 days of the stomach bug! LOL!


  1. What a sweet picture Stacy! Love the layout. Congrats on the four layouts. That is awesome!

  2. i am totally addicted to those waffle stick things too. yummy! love that page...gorgeous use of the SR!

  3. Beautiful way to work the SR. Glad to see you scrapping!


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