Sunday, January 3, 2010

Doing What You Love

Here is Ella during a recent dance class! She adores taking ballet and tap. Just yesterday, she said, "Mommy, is it gonna be Monday soon?" As someone who is dreading Monday (even though I love my job), I wondered why. Then she clarified and informed me of how much she misses dance class!

Supplies: (All from the January Nook kit) Paper, alphabet, brads: Pink Paislee, chipboard butterfly: Scenic Route
This again is one of the layouts where the whole thing was done, but it seemed plain! I did my whole staring trick and left it overnight. The next day I put down the transparent border. Still not enough! I added the chipboard antenna last minute and it was better--but then the bottom swirl! Done!

It is pretty easy to guess what I love! The creative process centers me! I am also excited about my favorite TV returning this month including 24 and Lost!

Nathan loves anything that comes in a set! LOL! He is a collector, (hello, look at his parents!). Give him the Batman cave or his Cars race track and he is all set!


just received this for Christmas. No joke, he has set it up in the living room every night. He watches TV while lounging. I guess this gift was a hit! We love to watch Criminal Minds...gosh that show creeps me out. I hate it and love it!

So important find what brings us joy! This year, I would like to read more, exercise because I love how I feel after and learn how to use my camera on manual focus! Just doing what I love!


  1. Beautiful layout! I understand her wanting it to be a dance day- I love dance days!

    I think it is important to find time to do what you love, but I'm not always the best at doing so. I waste so much time on the computer rather than scrapping, reading, or working out. I'm going to put that to a stop!

  2. I adore the Lo!!!! So precious and we have two of those chairs on our deck...well they are put away for the winter season and I LOVE THEM!!! So cute Hubby is lounging in his chair!!!

    I would love to find more me time!!!! I have to learn to say NO and not feel guilty!!!!

    Have a great day!!!

  3. Wow another smashing layout, love that whole thing, and that lawn chair may have to find a way into my camping trailer, it looks so comfy no wonder he enjoys it!!

  4. gorgeous LO - love the title :D

    hilarious to have a lawn chair in the house but if it makes him happy ...

  5. Love this layout! It has several of my favorite things.. 3 pics in a row and scalloped border punches! =)

  6. oh that layout is gorgeous. gorgeous!

    and i love the chair...we watch that show too though i still miss gideon!

  7. Criminal Minds creeps me out TOO but I still watch it! Craziness! I love that photo of your daughter.. too sweet. I've left layouts out a day or two before I can completely finish them. I find taking my time isn't such a bad thing!

    Happy New Year!


  8. so funny that you have a lawn chair in tv room. i guess it's a small price to pay for hubby happiness right?!

    just saw your lo on the Cosmo blog - very cool.

  9. Great LO! Is that your name up on the Pink Paislee? WOOOWWWW! Congrats! You go! Unbelievable! Well done!

  10. I'm so glad you made the PP design team Stacey! CONGRATS!!!!:)


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