Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Word of the Year

Any of you choose a word of the year? I believe it was Ali Edwards who started this trend and it sure has caught fire. Seems to me that choosing a word is actually more popular than making resolutions!

Last year's word was Be. Just be at home with myself. Realize that contentment is good. The blessings I have are wonderful and are more than enough. That led to the creation of this layout, which still remains one of my favorites from 2009:

I really tried to remember that wish all throughout this year. It seemed to work most of the time!

To continue that pursuit, I have decided on the word Balance for the 2010 year! I want to make priorities, learn how to say no to things that aren't right and yes to things that yield a greater good. I want to spend enough quality time with Steve and the kids, to embrace every second we have as a family.

Along with that, I need to honor me. I need to scrap, to exercise, to have time with the girls. I need to drink more water and have less coffee. I know that I can do it, finding my way to balance. I think it will lead to an even greater sense of serenity!

It will lead to a happy me. I don't have a layout with this word yet...but this one is close to conveying my happiness. I scrapped this one for an issue of Scrapstreet, using the phrase, "How Can You Not?"

So here begins the pursuit of balance. An attempt to stay more even and remember what is most important!

How about you...what's your 2010 word?

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  1. Love these two words!!!!! important!!!! I am still working on my word!!! i have several....hoping to have mine picked by this weekend!!!

    Can't wait for the Hop!!!! :-)

    Have a great day!!! :-)

  2. That little house on the first layout is just so cute!

  3. My word is capture. I'm doing a project 365 this year and I want to capture 2010. It's our first full year in our new home and our first full year as a family of four. :)

  4. LIke I told you before that is a fantastic word choice for you and for many others of us. Love the layouts especially the one with Denim. Great work Stacey!!

  5. great word for the year :D beautiful LO's :D

  6. You have such magic fingers, my friend! STUNNING work, as always! :D

  7. Oh girl I am so going to get a word now! LOL You have inspired me!

  8. Love both those LOs. I haven't picked a word for this year yet...last year it was Intentional.

  9. My word for the year is persevere. My job (statewide coordinator of & teacher for an SES provider) is extremely stressful & demanding. It requires long hours, strict deadlines & often reduces time I would like to be with my husband & children. But I am resolving to persevere & (hopefully) make a difference in the lives of the children I teach.

    ~You Know Who I am :o)

    BTW, I love the pic of you in the 2nd LO.

  10. Love both of these! My word for this year is "purpose" and I want to play with it creatively a bit here soon!

  11. I love both those layouts. And that is my word for the year, balance!!! Trying to balance all the different parts of my life. Good luck!

  12. Happy New Year!

    Perfect word for the year & a challenge for women to achieve.

    As always fantastic work - I so love your style & how you really put yourself into your work & everything you do...

  13. I love that layout "How can you not" your work is wonderful!

  14. Love that second layout! :) Of course, I love your first layout too, I remember loving it when I first saw it. And great word for the new year.

  15. I love this layout! So perfect!

    I chose productive for this year.


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