Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Other Thing I Do

I teach, I am a mom, a wife, sister, friend...I hope to be a runner and yoga enthusiast soon...

The other thing I do is create. On a daily basis if I can. From painting furniture to decorating the house to creating programs for my kids at school, I try to use my imagination and creative skills often.

This was the first layout I made to document why I scrapbook!

Journaling: Its so much more than just paper & glue. I document memories. I share stories that might otherwise be forgotten. I honor my blessings. When I create, I make my life even more beautiful.

I am so excited to announce that I am going to keep on creating for My Scrapbook Nook for another 6 months. It will be my fourth term there...I just can't leave! The kits are great and the people--it is such a warm, funny, and open community! So thank you Leah and Pam, again! LOL! Check out the rest of these names...

Trish Harwick
Amy Coose
Camilla Ekman
Jenny Svensson
Nicole Martel
Susan Lui
Lady Grace Belarmino
Zarah Peterson
Celeste Smith
Becky Williams
Lori Mancini
Tanya Tahir
Leah Killian

Holy wow, right!!!

I will be back on Tuesday to share my first PP blog project! Isn't creating fun?


  1. Oh this page is just Perfect!!! I adore the colors and pics and the journaling.....awesome!!!

    Congrats on making the team for another 6 months.....they are lucky to have you!!!

    Wishing you a great weekend!!! :-)

  2. Oh I'm so glad you will be on the team for another 6 months. Now that I've joined the kitclub you are my biggest inspiration :)
    Lots of love/Veronica

  3. Such a lovely LO you did ther as well :)
    Thank you for lots of innspiration!

  4. Yeah for the continued DT work and and LOVE your layout - as usual!

  5. Conrats on another term with the nook I love your work there and I love your page Stacey I have been meaning to do a page on why I scrap, this may be just the inspiration I need!!

  6. great use of the origins line - totally goes with your top :D

  7. Congrats on making the Nook DT! :)

  8. Congrats on another term Stacey!! I still can't believe I'm on this amazing team. I really admire your work! :D

  9. Huge congrats on being on the Nook team once again!! Love all your work and looking forward on seeing much more of it!!!!!! :-)

  10. Congrats - I love your LO and I'm excited that you will continue to be on the DT at the nook! :)

  11. Hi Stacey! I followed the link to your blog from "Its All About Me". I love that layout...made me think I should do a layout about why I love scrapbooking so much :)


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