Sunday, March 28, 2010

Around the House

I start packing official, clear the house, we are moving soon packing. I only have about 3 weeks in this house before I leave.

I have loved this place. There is an energy here...a happy light. You can tell it has been here a long time. I love the morning sunshine that comes in the dining room. I will miss all the details like the curved arches, molding and french doors. I planted the tree in the front yard and created all the gardens, along with Steve of course! We bought this home knowing we were getting a dog who would need a big fenced in yard. Cooper loves it here. We started our family here...walking each newborn in through the door, wondering what new adventures would follow. I adored the bright it was and how that corner room seems to sit up higher than the rest. Made me feel protected and safe.

I had to document all the sights around the house that bring me joy or remind me of special moments. Perfect for a double pager, huh!?

Kept the design simple here! My photos have a lot of colors so matching these with coordinating background paper would have been difficult. So I just stayed true to my love affair with Kraft. It needed some kind of pop though so I made the title circle large and bold. Placed it there right on top of the photo of the house to give your eye a starting place.

and yes...I still continue to adore banners. I can't get enough!

Almost time to start packing up my dining room. Hmmm...if I pack ALL the dishes, does that mean I don't have to cook for the next 3 weeks?


  1. I feel for you since we moved a month ago. Still boxes to unpack in the family room but being organized helps. Don't stress (though you sure have your hands full with work and little ones on top of just moving).

    I love the layout about your current house (I may have to take inspiration from that and do my own).

  2. *sigh* sad when u have to leave a happy home...hopefully the new place will bring as much joy... if not more!!! loveeeeeeeee the lo...and i am loving banners now too! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Great Layout stacey , I love the in the circle title it looks fantastic!!

  4. Moving is so painful and leaving a place you loved it weird, but it will be neat to hear the joy you are going to find in the new place!

  5. Moving is such a hard thing...bittersweet in so many ways!!!

    Just adore that LO!!! I adore you!!!

    Have a great day!!!

  6. Fabulous page! Love all the photos included! :)

  7. Great page Stacey! Love all those pictures and the kraft background is great. Good luck with your packing.

  8. Soak in all those wonderful memories!! And I wish you many more new amazing ones at the new home. A lovely layout! I really like your use of the kraft and the focus on the photos.

  9. Love this idea and it's one we should all do from time to time no matter where we are! Great design!


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