Monday, September 13, 2010

Sweet Somethings

I wonder how many of you talk or mutter to yourself as you are scrapping?  I will own up to it, I do it all the time.  Especially when I am trying something new.  "Oh, I like how that is looking!" or "Should I really put that there?"  How about the occasional squeal and clapping of the hands when something looks better than  you thought?

I have been pleading with my mists and inks to fall in just the right places lately.  Literally, out loud pleading.  A fly on the wall would think I was a bit off my rocker.

But in reality, I am just enjoying my hobby.  Finding my center in the midst of paper and adhesive.  Taking chances in a creative way allows you to see life in a new light.

Admit do it too!

Here are some layouts that I made using the September kit from the Nook...I have really sweet-talked this kit as it is a handsome devil. 

When doing this one, I asked the little buttons to really help me balance out my chipboard title "Linked."  They did me that favor.

And on this one...I muttered something about being crazy for doing all this stitching.

Yep, talking to myself and I am not even forty yet. 

And you should hear me when I am cooking.


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love love love these Stacey!!! LOVING that domino paper!! And I used to do that... and then I realized, 40 years from now... my kiddos aren't gonna say, "Hey, Mama, this looks awesome, but I really think that embellie would look better over there..." lol lol lol :):):):):):):):):):):) They are just excited that I made pages for them...and that is when all my pages started falling into place every time :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. LOL. I think we all do it!! Super pages, love the stitching ... I admire your patience!!

  3. Yep. I talk to myself. And your pages look amazing as per the "ush". How would I spell that? Yush... yuj.. you know.. just the "us" part of "usual".

    Okay.. this went somewhere else. I better go to bed...

  4. I don't usually while I scrap, but this gal is really guilty of doing it while I drive... It's all good, we all do it sometimes. Great alyouts Stacey. love your use of restoration.

  5. Ha! You're too cute Stacey! I'll have to ask my DH if i talk, b/c i'm so in my own world that I really don't know! Gorgeous LOs btw! I esp. love that 2nd one. The stitching looks great!

  6. haha! I totally know what you mean - one good reason my scraproom is in the basement so no one can hear me talking to myself! Love your layouts as always - they are beautiful!

  7. These are soooo pretty! I love the closeups and the details! I especially love the colors and diecut edge of the second layout!

    I am totally guilty of talking myself through scrapbooking as well. :)

  8. LOVE what you done with this months kit & dont worry stacey, im off my rocker too, hehe

  9. Well, yes I do talk to myself while scrapping although I never would've realized that until you pointed it out. I am 42, though, so maybe that does play a roll? LOL!

    Awesome work, as always! I'm loving that big hand-stitched circle. :-)

  10. really love all the stitching on this one - well worth the effort :D


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