Friday, February 25, 2011

Now That I Have Scrapped It...

I am done with it!  Talking about winter, of course.  It was funny.  We were driving the other day and Ella gasped a bit and exclaimed, "Nate, look!  I see grass!"  That is not something you hear everyday. 

It is gloomy and cold and the snow is just a dirty mess now!  So bring on spring!

To usher it in, let's give winter one more happy day!  When we in the thick of all that snow, my kids were in love!  I caught some pictures while we were sledding.  It was their first time.  Boy, letting them go at the top of a big hill and even giving them a gentle push was hard.  I worried that it would be too much, too fast.  Thought they might swerve and crash.  Wondered about the possibility of them hitting unexpected bumps. 

But, I had to let them go!  What happened was they flew down happily...discovered how freeing it was and wanted to do it over and over!  Kinda sounds like life in general, huh?  I think I will experience little moments just like those many times throughout their lives... and for things much bigger than sledding!

Oh, the layout...sorry!

I used the sketch from the Crate Paper blog to create this one! Love that chipboard!

See their faces! The joy is written all over their expressions!

I guess winter hasn't been so bad after all!


  1. very fun lo and wonderful pix . sledding is fun. as a kid you don't think of the bumps its all about the ride lol!!!!

  2. Your handwriting really adds to your pages-- it is very pretty!!

  3. I just LOVE this layout!! The Crate goodies are an amazing accent to the great pictures!!! Just adorable!

  4. What a wonderful page full of happiness! I love the big smiles and the rosey cheeks! Thank you!...Nancy :o)

  5. Awesome use of Snow Day, Stacey! Really love this and you can certainly see the joy on their faces :)

  6. I am SO SICK of winter too. Unfortunately here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada we've got at least another full month of it, if not a little more :( Tonight, for example it is currently -24 degrees celsius, but with the windchill feels more like -34 degrees celsius. Brrr!
    I love the layout, and especially adore Ella's bright smiling face, and rosy red cheeks, adorable.

  7. Soooooooooooo cute cute cute! I loveeeeeeeeeee the way you did the background and loveeeeeeeeeee the photos! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  8. Love this, Stacey!!! The colours are fab! Love the handwriting!


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