Monday, February 14, 2011

What Is Left Behind

Reflective weekend...based on the recent loss of someone I am aquainted with.  Someone my mother in law was very close too.  A member of a close knit family that I admire. 

Someone I barely know, yet his loss has effected me.  It has me thinking about the life he has left behind.  My heart breaks for his wife and his children.  I see his truck parked in the driveway, evidence that he was just here, and wonder how they are coping.

It has led me down a road of thinking.  Have I said enough to those I love?  Do I prioritize the right things in the right order?  Am I living the life I want to live?

And, of course, it got me thinking about Baby James.  Those thoughts led me to look at the photos from the short week of his life.  So many emotions captured in snapshots...grief to pride to joy to regret that we couldn't know him better.

Life is so unexpected.  Loss is real.  I think it is put in front of us to help us remember to stop and enjoy our journey.  Appreciate where we are for the simple reasons.  I hugged my children with more force and love this weekend.  I stopped to tell Steve how much I love him and what he means to me.  I swear I just wanted to be next to him several times, to feel his warmth and to hold tight. 

I don't know if Baby James or my neighbor know how much they have left behind.  What an impact they have when they move on.  It is widespread and strong.

This Valentine's Day will not be about candy or least not the worldly kind.  It will be about appreciation, gratitude, a "Mommy, can you get me juice." and a look that Steve and I share when our kids do something silly.  It is about these two...

This Valentine's will be about me holding tight and feeling the warmth.



  1. So sorry for your family's loss stacey! My MIL just lost her best friend at the end of I know what you mean...I loveeeeeeee the lo...I love love love the hearts and the colors! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Losing somebody you know is really hard especially if you are acquainted with the family. So sorry to hear about this.

    Love your layout tho. Happy Valentines day!

  3. Stacey, love your layout with the Yellow background, wow. Super cute!! ✿

  4. This is so touching... you are so right :( I have a lump in my throat because I feel for your neighbors. You never know what will happen, that's why I make sure my family and friends know I love them on a regular basis. I would hate to think I didn't say what I wanted to say...

  5. WOW a striking page .love the way you have layered the papers and trimmings sooooooo creative and yummy ... big hugz x
    sorry to hear of your loss xoxox

  6. such a sweet, and honest post Stacey. Hope you had a lovely V-day.

  7. ohh stacey. i'm sorry for your loss! and wishing you strength!!

    your layout is fab as ever!!

    your huge fan from germany

  8. This is gorgeous! I love that little mini banner on the side made with the canvas border! Clever!


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