Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday's Musings: It Will Work Itself Out

I have this tendency to want to control things.  Any sign that the tide is turning for the worse and I get worked up.  It causes a bit of an overreaction.

I do it a lot with my kiddos.  They are in swim lessons right now.  They are working hard, but having a difficult time with some concepts.  My first reaction is to want to fix it.  Steve says, "This time next year, they will be swimming."

He is right.  When we sent Nathan to kindergarten, he had zero fine motor skills.  I tried to get him to write and draw, but he wasn't into it.  By May, he had his artwork selected to be in the town-wide art show.  It worked itself out.

I need to trust more in the process.  Let time do what it does best. 

It did and continues to do great things for this boy!  My artistic superstar!

I used Jillibean Soup for this layout!  Love the colors...awesome for boys!!  I love all the little elements Jillibean has to offer!  I just layered and had fun!

I wasn't quite sure about the double lines under the title, but I let it go.  It worked itself out.

It usually does!


  1. Adorable page!!! Huge congrats to Nathan!!!

  2. it's a great piece of advice for all of us to remember, especially moms, we are fixers by nature. your layout is incredible as always and congrats to Nathan!!!

  3. LOVE the layout. I too believe we should give are kids time. Some learn fast other need a different pace but if we encourage them and believe in them they will do great things!

  4. Everything about this post is too cute, the layout, the journaling, the the mother's heart, all of it :D


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