Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday's Musings: Just Let Go

Steve and I...we are a good team.  So much in common.  Similar wants and needs.  We are both workers and will get the job done.  He told me that he works hard just so he can be lazy.  I suppose I work hard so I can scrap...

We like order, neatness.  In the middle of this renovation, we have started to go crazy with the dust and the mess.  It is not our first time at the rodeo, but it still bugged us.

Then...a leak we didn't see coming.  It came.  It was raining in our office.  In my scraproom.  The water took part of the ceiling down.

Somehow, it landed only on the carpet.  Our TV, computer and printer weren't touched.  The water fell 8 inches from my photographs, adhesive and scrapbooking goodies.

We were left with a mess.  Way more than dust.  Scrap stuff in the dining room.  Steve and I knew that it was a sign to let go.  We are not in control.

We were left with a mess but we were lucky.  Nothing valuable was destroyed.  Our contractor quickly fixed the ceiling, which had to come down completely.  Six days later, I sit in the very same office.  It happens to be much nicer now without the popcorn ceiling.

In the midst of it, I created a layout.  Old school...sitting at my kitchen counter.

I had to get creative with the paper I had at hand.  It was fun to do.  I made this layout using Lily Bee goodies.  To hear more about my approach, head over to the blog.

Surrounded by mess and dust, I tried to remember what was important.  What matters.  I think it helped me create this layout...helped me share the love I feel.

Ceilings can be rehung and walls can be painted. Messes can be cleaned up.  The important stuff is right there.  When you let go enough to let God.

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