Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday's Musings: We are Who We Saw

Interesting thing about people...everyone has some kind of story.  A defining moment or a life changing event.  Everyone has an experience that mattered.  There are people who shaped each of us.

Some of that shaping is good, but some helped to create greatest weaknesses.  I really think that everyone's behavior serves a function.  It exists for a purpose.

I realize that my own children will become who they see.  They will learn to giggle from Nonnie, will learn how to look at the world with learning eyes from Nana.  They will learn Steve's honesty and kindness.

I am going to try to teach them forgiveness.  I hope to show them that mistakes are made, but you forgive and move on.  Especially when you are the one making the mistakes.  Every mistake is an opportunity to grow.

I hope to teach them how to focus on strengths and try a little every day to overcome weaknesses.

I hope to show them that each of them is a firework.  Bursts of light and beauty and power.

I made this layout using the Pinwheel collection from Lily Bee...the focus on the blog this week is on the new chipboard stickers!  I love chipboard!

I turned each chipboard banner into a firework by turning it on its side.

Isn't it nice to know that perspective can help us see things in a new way?  I hope to teach that to my kiddos too.


  1. You are one amazing mama. I love the message behind this layout and I know that you are an incredible example to your kids just as you wish to be.

  2. This is a great page and I too love the meaning behind it.


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