Monday, May 27, 2013

At Home: Never

I would love to post some At Home photos, share the new bathroom...but I would have to be home in order to do that...LOL!

Just 4 more weeks and I will be at home for the summer.  I have a list of things I want to work on.  I list of things I want to share.

For now, this past weekend marked the end of dance for the year.  Our girl made us proud.

I was struck by how brave each girl needs to be when she goes on that stage.  That makes my heart beam.

Here are some photos of her and her family.

Our little ballerina!

This face makes me know the meaning of love!

Ella with her grandmothers.  She loves these two!

I adore this one of Steve and Ella.  They beam.

This tutu was so big and super pretty!

The way she is looking at him.  It melts my heart.  I have looked at him this way my whole life, my dad.

The Grumpster and Ella.  They are tight and she loves to tell his stories!

We are proud parents.  So blessed with Nathan and Ella.

Life may be crazy, but it is pretty great too.

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  1. Wonderful photos! I can see the love in your eyes! I'm so glad I scanned down to see these fabulous moments captured on film!


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