Friday, August 23, 2013

Going with a Theme

There was a time when everyone was defining their particular scrapbooking style.  I remember reading and loving a book called Finding Your Groove.  It was about finding out your style so you could embrace it and shine. 

Clean and simple with a twist, story driven, eclectic.  All those things were a part of my definition.

But I think I forgot to mention theme-based.  I like a theme.  The elementary school teacher in me loves it. Picking a theme allows me to easily search for pertinent embellishments.  Sometimes all the stuff that comes with scrapbooking can be overwhelming.  So having a focus helps me.

I had a post up over at the Teresa Collins blog this week where I talked about how I used a theme to help me design this page.

Having a theme in mind allowed me to come up with the title work for this page, its most unique feature. 
I used the Family Stories collection to make this page.  Yummo!  Teresa has a new website...go check it out!
Happy Friday!  Back to school on Monday...better get some scrapping in while I can!

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