Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday Technique: Iris Folding

Happy Tuesday!  I was challenged this past weekend to use a unique paper technique on my latest Lily Bee Design layout.  I googled to find some ideas and came up with Iris Folding.  It is a simple technique that yields big results.

Today, I will show you how I did it.

First step involves creating a cut-out window.  It can be any shape, but I went with a square..  Use your craft knife.  When determining the size, be sure to consider what you are putting in the center of the cut-out and folds.

I wanted my window to contain lots of color so I used three different patterned papers.  I cut out a series of paper strips, 1 inch in width by 12 inches in length.  While watching TV, I proceeded to fold each rectangle in half. I used my Scor-it to get even, crisp folds.

Once you have your rectangles, determine a pattern.  There are a ton online that act as guides for how you might place your paper.  I went with a pattern that was structured, diagonal across the corners as a layer and then straight sides as a layer.  Then repeat.

As you work, it is important to adhere your rectangles.  I also laid them out so that the folded side was in the cut-out.  See how I first went diagonal in the corners in  yellow.  I then went straight edges in the red polka dot.  They I repeated in the corners using the navy.  You just keep repeating, overlapping the rectangles until you almost fill the cut-out.  Can you tell that I couldn't find my scotch tape?

When you have achieved the size you want, adhere another piece of background paper to fully cover the hole.  I used red cardstock to back my layout.  You can see how the red peeks through!  Here is my completed layout!  I put a sentiment in the middle of the cutout and folds, but you can do chipboard or a flower.

The folding really looks cool and adds so much texture!

Some other details of my page.  I used the Lily Bee Pinwheel collection for the majority of this page.  

The Lily Bee design team is showing you projects all week that use unique paper techniques.  Be sure to stop by the blog and see what my talented creative team members have made!


  1. What a cool idea! And beautifully done :)

  2. Great technique and cool layout Stacey! Fun photo and love the pops of red to go with it.:)


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