Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday's Musings: Distance Stinks

I wish there was more time in each day.  Time to reach out to those who live near and those who live far.

I spent time with my family last April, quality time that was amazing and priceless.  We had the chance to meet each other's children and the time to just hang out.

Distance makes that impossible on a regular basis.  Life makes is difficult to connect outside of Facebook.  I think about all of my family members, mother's side and father's side, on a daily basis.  But that contact is hard to find.

So when I have a chance to scrap these photos, it makes me heart smile.  I love that we had this time.  I adore the photos that I never thought I would have.

Seven gals, all different ages.  Sisters, daughters.  It is a great picture!  Now everyone is six months older.  The girls are changing each day.  The women are marching through life, moving forwards as moms and wives. 

Life really is sweet.
It would be even sweeter with a little more time and a little less distance.

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