Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday's Musings: Be Vibrant

Subtle, quiet, monochromatic...serene and calm.  There is value in surrounding yourself with colors and patterns that fit in with that theme.

Or you can go bold.  Use a red rug in your living room.  Wear the colored denim and a large scarf.  Try something new.

I recently went bold on a page.  Way bolder than usual.  It almost bothered me.  I told myself that it looked better in person than in photos. I questioned and wondered if I should make it quieter.

Then I let go and let it be bold.  I feel like I am doing that more and more in life, which is quite refreshing.  Get your eyes ready....LOL!

I decided to embrace that bright pink and white, that large pattern!  It all pointed right to the, doesn't bold work?

I paired the graphic with the frilly, incorporating the floral file folder.  This is the You Are My Happy collection by Teresa Collins.  It is bold and fun!

You only have one life so why not live it boldly?  There is something freeing about abandoning what I usually do.  Something liberating about living out loud and not caring about what everyone else thinks. 

In scrapbooking and life, I plan to move forward....boldly!

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  1. LOVE the bold - and it works perfectly with the calm photos and other elements. Great page!!!


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