Friday, March 21, 2014

A Home Away from Home

A few weeks back, I was asked to participate in a cool activity.  The people from asked me to share my home away from home.  

I must say that I love home.  I am not a big vacation person because honesty, I miss my house too much.  Being a teacher, we spend each day at our home.  We enjoy morning coffee, time at our pool and eating outside.

When I considered my home away from home, I realized that it is any place where I can be creative about design.  One of my favorite places is walking down the aisles of any home  store.  I adore fabric and could browse through samples for hours.

My brain thinks in colors and patterns.  I love to find elements from several different sources that, together, make the perfect vignette.  It settles me to dream up cozy spaces and furniture arrangements.  It feeds my creative soul, quite like scrapbooking does.

It can be Home Depot or the paint shop, Home Goods or Target.  I adore the flea market.  Poking through tables full of old junk looking for the perfect treasure makes me happy!  I love to go with a list of things I am looking for as well as discovering a hidden gem.

At the end of the day, my home away from home is any place that helps me celebrate my home.  Having that connection back to the place I love the best is priceless.


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