Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Inside the Art: Friendship Matters

Friends mean the world.  When I stop and reflect on my friendships, I have some girls who have been in my life for over 30 years.  Yes, I am that old...

I have other friends where the bonds are strong, even if the time we spend has diminished.  And recently, a new group of friends has entered my life.  I spend each day, Monday through Friday, with this bunch.  They get me through the day and make me laugh consistently.

I sit alongside some great friends each day.  I am so lucky.  I have people who are a shoulder to lean on, people who are great listeners.  One friend in particular is honest and direct.  I appreciate the truths she has shared.  When it came time to scrap about honesty for the SFTIO monthly theme, my mind went to one such friend.

Diane is a great friend.  True Candor sums it up.  But the truth is always kind and nonjudgmental.  It is really refreshing.  She knows my secrets, has seen me at my best and my worst.  She sits alongside me and I know she is always there.
I am so grateful.  My friends have molded me, helped to shape my behavior.  Friendship is about love and trust and honesty.
I used the March Scrapbooking From the Inside Out kit to create this page.  There are so many cool elements that helped me to tell me story. 

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