Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday's Musings: Friendships

There is a saying, something about how you have some friends for life, some for a season and some for a reason.  I have been very lucky in life to have a great circle of friends that would qualify as the "for life" kind.  So what happens when there is a fall out.  What happens when a rift occurs?  And not just one when you are 14 or even 22.  I think you find your way back to each other, because it is too special not to.

I scrapped about this exact thing on one of my newest layouts using the Inside Out Visual Journaling kits.

These are two of my lifelong friends.  For Marcia and me, it was the 8th grade.  Tina came in 9th.  We have been together since.  I love these girls.  They are my sisters really and even though life is busy and we don't talk nearly enough, time stands still.
Except for once when two of us had an issue.  It was impactful. 

I share more of the story over at the Inside Our blog this month. Be sure to pop over to hear more and to gain inspiration from our whole team! 
Even though the rift was impactful, we found our way back.  Because that is what friends do.  Especially the most loyal ones.

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