Monday, March 2, 2009

First of the Month-Announcement Included!

Where do I start! There are so many exciting things going on! The new March category is up over at Category Stories and the topic is "Precious to Me." Seriously, the team is so talented and I am enjoying their interpretations. There is a cool prize involved from the Nut & Bee Etsy store so be sure to play along! Here is my layout--I adore this picture and just had to scrap it again!

The March issue of ScrapStreet Magazine is up and it is a great one! Go check it out, you will be so glad you did!

I wrote this journaling article about incorporating letter writing onto your page. My guest designers were phenomenal this month! Thank you Lucy Edson, Judy Wicker, Abbie Torroll, Laura Craigie, and Jennifer McGowan!

I also featured the Scrapping the Music blog this month in Blog Bay. What a great site! And I was blown away by the DT's work!

Finally, an announcement! The annual ScrapStreet Star contest is coming up so soon! This is the deal, you enter and play along to the challenges each week, trying to advance into the final round. If you win, you get a prize package valued at over $100.00. That is not even the best part--even if you don't make it to the next round or win, you have a chance to earn a spot on the magazine staff. We are adding to the current roster. Get all the details by clicking here.

Yes, this is when and how the new staffers are picked! You get to develop your own column, accept submissions, publish yourself and your talented friends, go to CHA, design with great products, and meet the best people. It is the greatest gig!

This contest changed my scrappy life last year and they may never get rid of me! I'll be 92 and still writing articles! It made me start scrapping in a new way and helped bring into my world. I encourage you to try out!!!!!

The month of March is starting off in a great way!


  1. Stacey, that layout is just absolutely precious!!

    I'll check out all of your fun links. :)

  2. BEAUTIFUL layout! SS sounds like alot of fun too. Aren't you staying?

  3. Stacey, this is such a gorgeous page!!!

  4. Hey Z!!! I am definitely staying at SS--we are adding to the staff!

  5. Your layout is beautiful! I will check our SS. Thanks.

  6. Lots of exciting news Stacey! That layout is beyond adorable!

  7. Love the layout, Stacy!
    Just gorgeous!!!

  8. thank heavens you're not planning to leave SS! seriously, i don't think we'd let you! :)

  9. What a whole lot of YUM! The circle is so neat and I love the colors you used - great combo.

  10. wow -- so much amazing stuff going on for you! congrats and enjoy!

  11. Stace - I'm glad! No team should ever be without a Stacey!! :D


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