Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quality Family Time

Without doubt, this week has been full of quality family time. When we go away as a family, we really go away as a FAMILY! My sister-in-law and her DH have a son the same age as Nathan, and we tend to do all fun, family things as a unit. She rents one cottage and we rent one about 4 houses down.

That means Nana, Auntie, and Nonnie (my mom) come for overnight visits. I love the memories we are giving to the kiddos! I have probably taken about 400 pictures by now!

Speaking of Nonnie, here is a layout that is in Magazine. If you haven't checked out this issue, run over there and do so immediately. This picture was an accident. Nathan, Daniel, and my mom were hanging out. Ella came over. Xavier came over. I was taking photos and realized the importance of getting the rest of the grandkids in the shot, QUICKLY. Because the natives get restless.

I forced some of my nieces to get in and to look happy! LOL!

This photo makes me smile. But it also makes a little bit sad. It was taken only a few months before baby James was born. Thinking ahead to next year, there should be 8 grandkids in the photo. But there won't be.

But, I won't focus on that because the joy my mom has for her little chicks is quite obvious!

Journaling: You are usually surrounded by you grandkids. Nearest, farthest, oldest, youngest…they each adore you for different reasons. It usually has something to do with how you spoil them rotten.

Home soon! I miss the kitties but I know they are being watched out for!

Hope everyone is having a fab week!


  1. Sounds like so much fun....I adore family vacations....not one for us this year...someone had to get a bad tummy ache....MeMe!!!!! The LO is just perfect and what a tribute to your Mom!!!! Thinking of you!!!! :)

  2. fantastic LO - very cool pic, glad you were able to capture the moment :)

  3. love the photo, love the layout, love that you a had a good time!

  4. fantastic layout because it has such fantastically straight and designey lines with the most perfect elements to accent!

  5. this is so fabulous! LOVE the title treatment!

  6. Such a gorgeous layout and a special photo! Those "accidental" awesome photos are that much sweeter!


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