Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Call it a paper explosion! A hurricane has hit my scrap room. You know... the hurricane named October Afternoon.

I don't think I have ever made this many things in such a short period of time. The July kit from The Nook has all these cute elements and OA parts and pieces that are just magically going together for me!

Ummm, I have made 4 layouts and 3 cards since Sunday!

Here three of the layouts!

Things to See Daily:
Told you I had a thing for clouds!

Journaling: It is like my cup of coffee, my small bite of chocolate. I need it everyday. You see...your smile and laugh make all days brighter.

Supplies: Paper, Stickers, Cardstock elements: Road Map by October Afternoon

A New Direction:
This cracks me up to see my husband pushing the stroller through the woods!

I cut into the bottom portion of green paper, making vertical slices every 1/2 inch or less. I then curled the ends to make it looks grassy and natural! I traced the alphabet letters using a black pen while they were still on the sheet and then added dots!

Journaling: Boy, have times changed. I recall the days when we would go for 8 hour hikes. We didn't have a care in the world. These days our hikes have taken on a new meaning. It is all about quality family time. Two fun kids, the dog & us. Oh, & the double stroller contraption too!

Supplies: Paper, Stickers, Cardstock Elements: Road Map by October Afternoon, Metal Tab: 7 gypsies

I have an addiction to journaling cards and tags!

Journaling: Sometimes I do a double take. It floors me how much you look and act like your dad. The way you wear your baseball hat and watch. That smile and those happy eyes. How you love order and logic. How you can both melt my heart...

Supplies: Journaling Cards, Stickers, Paper: Road Map by October Afternoon, Alphabet: American Crafts, Chipboard: Maya Road

I think I am loving this stuff so much because I have been motivated to pull out some older pictures of Steve and me on our nature adventures. I am not sure I would have scrapped them otherwise, but it has been fun to look back at those memories!

And it is pretty great stuff!

More to come once the storm has cleared and it is safe to come up for air!


  1. You are rockin' that kit! Awesome layouts! and 4! in as many days! **thud** .... great job!

  2. You are seriously inspiring me to do a few LO's for my boys with what you have done here!! Fabulous LO's, love them all.

  3. Hey, you probably are already on their "hit list" but I look forward to you announcing that you'll be guest designing for OA! seriously, not kidding, i expect and demand it! you MUST!!!

  4. Wow, your stuff is just amazing! I can't get over how creative you are!

  5. What lovely pages, Stacey! :)

  6. OA is so you! Awesome work girl. If you're going to have a mess to clean up at least OA is a good mess.

  7. I popped back in to tell you I loved these so much I had to "tweet" about your post today!

  8. Love them all!!! These are fantastic!

  9. Awesome pages, Stacey!!

    I am glad that your mojo is back because these layouts are just incredible.

  10. You've been busy dont you. Love all your layouts stacey! Dont we love our Nook kits!

  11. Fabulous work with this kit! The papers are awesome and you worked magic with them! Especially love the journaling! :) It's so heartfelt!!!

  12. oooh, that's the best kind of hurricane! send it to my house when you're done! :)

  13. OMG - you are amazing!! Love these layouts which is absolutely no surprise because all of your work is amazing. Hoping you help jumpstart my mojo - I am ready to scrap!!

  14. Wow! You are doing some seriously wonderful designs with this kit!

  15. awesome layouts!!! You asre rockin that kit!

  16. Totally rockin the OA, love all that fabulous stuff, and I love wwhen things just get rolling!!


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