Sunday, August 8, 2010

Moving and Dodging

Isn't that what we all do?  Move in a forward direction (well most of the time) and dodge obstacles that try to get in the way.  I feel like the summer is slipping away.  I would actually like to stop it from moving. 

I got Nathan's letter from his kindergarten teacher yesterday.  It is so real.  I can't believe he is entering school.  It is such an emotional time.  I just want everyone to see the best in him because he is one fantastic kid.  Sort of like I want everyone to do the same with me.  I suppose every parent feels this way.  Each day when I am teaching, I try to have on that parent hat too, hold onto those hopes, dreams and fears I am concerned with so that it gives me perspective.  It is an exciting time and I will be happy when the initial transition is over.

We have put the smack down on Ella.  She is so fiesty and strong.  Really, I have quite a pip on my hands.  I love that she is confident and sure of herself, but it needs limits.  She has this habit of screaming really loudly when things do not go her way.  It makes me nuts.  She is now going to her room every time she does it.  I hope she gets the message.

In the theme of moving and dodging, here is a new layout.  I have been having so much fun with the August Nook kit.  Something about using Sass that makes me want to be free and experiment a bit.  It is good for the creative soul.

The design team call over at the Nook is just about at the deadline.  Be sure to is a great team and a great community!

Oh, and something cool.  One of my layouts is up on the Lily Bee blog as a Friday favorite...made me smile!

Time to move off the computer and maybe dodge the list of chores that I have...

Happy Sunday!


  1. what a gorgeous page, Stacey. You really captured her spirit. and congrats on Lily Bee!

  2. I totally feel you!!! When Adam entered Kindergarten...I was LIKE..."WHAT???" and now he is going into the 8th grade!!! When did time fly??? And good luck with Ella!! Adam also has I feel your pain!!! I love love love love love the lo!!! Those photos are PRECIOUS and loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the buttons! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. darling lo - love the twirled ends by the star :D

    my daughter is starting K too so i know how you feel.

  4. Super sweet LO!

    My youngest headed off to Kindergarten this week - it's always tough.

  5. Love this adorable!!!

    Oh can I relate....our Gavin is such a handful and I feel so frustrated..I raised Danielle and have taken care of Evan for her while she is working since he was born....Piece of cake and now this little man...who was such an easy wearing me out...He will be three in September and I broached the idea of a preschool for him several days a week and I feel so guilty...but he is a screamer and I cannot do a thing with him....

    We all want out children to grow and thrive...but I have been moving and dodging with this one and I feel like we are getting no where!!!

    The summer has flown and Evan just got his school supply list...he is a bit fearful of going to 2nd grade...but I know he will be just fine!!!!

    YAY for SUPER TEACHERS!!!! I so appreciate your dedication!!!

    Wow...this was a long one...

    Have a great one and I am going to move and dodge that to do list!!! :-)

  6. Adorable layout Stacey! Love the design!

    Sending lots of hugs for the start of Kindergarten. I am sure he is going to do great!

    We have a fiesty one too. I was just talking to her last night about how proud I was of how she has been controlling her tantrums. I have really been working to calmly stop her and say things like that is not how you are going to get what you want. I make her start over a lot and say it calmly and try to reward her for that reaction. It is hard isn't it? Good luck with Ella. :)

  7. I can so relate about your boy starting kindergarten. Jai just started this year too. It is a big transition and sad for us as mothers, but he will THRIVE, I am sure!! And this is such a gorgeous layout!!


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