Thursday, March 10, 2011

One Little Word: Consistency

As a part of my scrapbooking and personal journey, I chose one little word to represent my year.  I had posted before that my word was consistency.  I wanted to develop consistent practices in all areas of my life.  I believed then and still believe that it will help me live a calmer, more peaceful life.

One huge component involves my fitness.  I am 40.  And I started to feel it a bit.  I have a small frame and have always been relatively thin.  But I had always been physically active in my life.  Until I had the excuse of children and working full-time.  It was legimate.  But at the end of the day, not being able to stick to some kind of workout plan because of other responsibilities was just a lame excuse.  So I went with consistency for this year.

I have been working out regularly, 3-4 times a week.  I am about to up that and take on a bigger challenge, exercising more.  I feel different already.  I can hit certain yoga poses that were sooo challenging two months ago.  I stand a bit taller and my pants are not so tight.  Muffin top still exists, but it is as though the cup wasn't as full as it used to be.

I feel good. 

To help me on my journey, I created a fitness notebook.  I received my Teresa Collins goodies a while back and saw the Sports Edition II line.  It is my favorite of the group...and I love them all!  I love the colors, the sayings, the chipboard and all the stars in this collection.  They sparked the idea of having a notebook where I could track my stats, write down inspiration quotes and set goals!

Here is it!

I simply adhere the patterne paper to sheet of notebook pages within the notebook.  I think it cost me $3.00 at Target.  I used the Circle Tags, which were cut out, as tab dividers.  That will help me quickly flip to the page I need.

For quotes and inspirations:

For goals and even workout plans:

For tracking all of my stats:

Why not have something so functional look pretty too?  It will motivate me to use it!

I am hoping it helps me to stay consistent too! 


  1. I am not 40 yet but I too stopped working out once I had my kids. I have started again and I feel so much better and have heaps more energy. It's nice to hear you're feeling fitter. Love that mini book.

  2. that's really cute!!! way to go with sticking to your goals. I need to be more like you ;)

  3. What a great idea - I really should make one myself! Do you know why? Because I started excersising last week after a looong break. I hear you on the muffin thing, and I admit it feels good to have contact with the belly muscles again - I was worried they were gone for forever :-)

    Thank you for the inspiration - there is some sport themed papers on my way, so I know what to start with!

  4. Stacy...
    This is such a cool idea -- I love the portability (and prettiness) of it! I might have to follow your lead and stick something like this in my pocketbook to keep track of my eating habits (which are horrible!)
    Thanks for the inspiration! Wishing you continued success on your consistency journey :)


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