Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Circus

Steve and I frequently joke when we are going somewhere..."here comes the circus!"  It is fitting...my kids are loud, busy, highly entertaining.  They frequently put on a show and make people laugh. 

Did I mention loud?

LOL!  It is a bit of a circus...these pictures prove how goofy they are:

I loved all the play themes in Emma's Shoppe...totally inspired this layout!  It is a bit of a different design for me, but I am playing these days!  It is important to mix it up!

And I love that I got to tell this story.  It is the circus...and I live under one happy big top!


  1. Oh this is gorgeous! What a bright and fun page! :D

  2. This is just entirely too brilliantly executed!

  3. What a fun and happy layout! Love the design and the story behind it!

  4. Such a fun design, Stacey. I love that you are trying to mix things up a lot lately. Your work is always incredible.

  5. My husband and I too say that we live with a circus!! I love that you tried something a little new -- it is fabulous(although I adore your " norm" as well)!

  6. Such a cute layout page Stacey! Love that paper! ✿

  7. This is cool, and I love the story!


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