Sunday, April 10, 2011

At Home: Homemade Art

So I am in love with it has inspired me like nothing before!  Collecting images of homes that I love has pushed me to decorate in a different way.  I am not so concerned about every frame matching or how evenly spaced things are.  I am just going with my gut!

Here is a picture from Pinterest that I adore:

Love the vintage feel and the letters!  So this got me thinking!  I would love to go antiquing and find little treasures, but I don't have the resources or the time, right now.  But I can still achieve the look!  So here is what I did to replicate!

I was browsing in Walmart looking for fishing wire when I noticed the graphic mailbox numbers.  This sheet cost a buck 79.  I instantly saw art!

I bought some very inexpensive black frames to achieve my look.  To make my numerals art, I simply placed the mailbox numbers in order...after I inked them up a bit!  I backed them with a piece of scrapbook paper that matches my living room.

Then I made several other framed pieces of "vintage" art!  I framed keys from Teresa Collin's Blingage and old Making Memories paperclips.   Here are the elements of my vingette:

And the shelf they decorate!  I have shelves above my windows and they are cool design elements!  I mixed in some older books and glass bottles.  I also collected different letter M's from various craft stores and painted/distressed!  I love how it looks.  Well, all except for the paint color, which is changing in about a week!  That I will share soon!

My little shelf of treasures, all for only a few dollars!


  1. Oh My Goodness Stacey!!!! I love what you did....I too just adore Pinterest!!!!

    I have made several things from what caught my eye!!!


    Wishing you a great day!!!!

  2. I love your inspiration picture vignette too! I really like your take! They all look great!

  3. Stacey, that window shelf idea is just perfect added feature to the interior. What do those M's mean, anyways? It's nice to see that they come in different sizes. Have you changed the color?


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