Sunday, April 3, 2011

At Home: Full Bathroom Renovation

LOL!  I think we call it the is a product of having young kids!  Whatever we call it, it is brand new!  As a part of the renovation, we knew we wanted to add a second full bath.  The kids need a space and we need our master bathroom!  Oh, this bathroom.  It started out small.  My contractor gave us the plan including the measurements.  Now, I was the general contractor of this whole job.  I ordered every material, picked out every design element.  I knew that there was to be a toilet, bath/shower, and vanity in this room.

So I went up the the gutted space one day with some blue painter's tape and the measurements.  I laid it all out as it was designed on paper.  And it felt small.  Too small.  So I made it bigger. And that left some extra space in one of the corners.  I thought, "Hmm...who doesn't need an extra closet."

My contractor built it big enough for the closet and, together, we tweaked the layout of the space.  It is a great space, even though that sounds strange since it is only a bathroom!  LOL!

Here it is.  This is from the doorway.  I really wanted white beadboard...hung higher than usual.  Um...I realize my doorknob and hinges are different metals.  That is what happens when I don't tell the contractor what I want until he is halfway done!  That will get changed.

You notice that the beadboard fully covers the vanity/sink wall!  I love the effect.  My tower and vanity are from Lowe' much storage.

And the details.  I am so indecisive.  On top of that uncertainity, I really needed to stick to budget.  So the mirror, lighting and faucet took forever.  I do love them all together though.  If only my husband didn't put purple handsoap into the blue bathroom.  I used Swiss Coffee from Behr for the white and Wedgewood Grey from Benjamin Moore for the blue.

There you have it...the new bathroom.  Kinda strange to share it, but it was a big part of the whole project.

Next week, I will show you how I used some scrappy supplies and very inexpensive store bought materials to create my own vintage art!

Happy Sunday!


  1. It looks great! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. I love looking at bathrooms! And I call it the potty too actually. I'm forever scarred from working in childcare. hehe!

  3. Looks great! Oh I know what you mean about needing space!

  4. Swiss Coffee is my go to color for trim too - love your bathroom

  5. Ohh my - I love your bathroom girl. So peaceful and elegant - I want one just like yours! ;o)

  6. Your bathroom is gorgeous!! I love that blue. I have almost that same shower curtain! I have gray walls and brown fixtures and counter, stone floor and I love how the white shower curtain pops against the grays and tans! I wanted to pop over and say hello. Miss ya!

  7. Stacey, I love your bathroom and just finished remodeling ours. I have a couple questions if I may ask..the SwissCoffee you used, did you use it for the beadboard or the trim? Also, your pictures on the wall... Are the frames black or dark brown? I wish I had the gift you have of putting it altogether!! Thank you so much! Maggie

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