Sunday, May 15, 2011

Its Only Grown

The grass, my gardens and all of our trees.  I love the feel of our yard when it is in bloom.  So relaxing and private!  I want to focus on this area this year.  Add in container gardens and make it a retreat of sorts!

My strength and endurance now that I have made the committment to frequent exercise.  I love P90X and the challenge it has given.  I wanted to be consistent...and it has happened.  I hope I always look at food and wellness in this new way.

My love for my family.  It grows every day.  My two kids were waiting for their cousin to get here yesterday for their sleepover.  They sat in front of the door, legs crissed crossed and were playing old fashioned games like rock, paper, scissors.  They were giggling and content.  I just watched from the top of the stairs and smiled.  They were building memories in that moment.  It was a simple one, yet full of symbolism of the childhood we are trying to give them.

Their love for each other grows too.  They are best friends.  Proof right here:

I used the Webster's Pages Ladies and Gents line.  Might be my favorite one...I keep getting drawn to it!  I used the sticker pack on this page to make the side strips!

Some other Webster's products I love are the doilies and the gorgeous trinkets like the Vintage Sparklers and the Silhouettes.  This is the first time I used the Pinwheel Florettes and they are so delicate and pretty!They add so much texture to a layout!

To add that last extra touch, I stamped those butterflies using the Unity Stamps Itty Bitty Dream Big stamp!

My love for Webster's has only grown too.  I am feeling slumpish lately with scrapbooking, but Webster's always pulls me out of that because I don't think that any two pages can look alike!

Be sure to check out the May challenges, both traditional and digital.  They are so fun and you can be eligible to be a prize Webster's, yes!

I will get back to At Home soon.  Plans to get back to painting and renovating.  I just need to get through the end of the school year.  Summer is on the horizon!

Happy, happy!


  1. *sigh* this is GORGEOUS! I loveeeeeeeee the photos, the doily and loving that flower! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. beautiful story to go with your beautiful pictures and page :D

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