Monday, May 16, 2011

His Winning Smile

His winning smile...

brings joy to my life...

it is present every day when he gets off the bus and heads into school, everyday when I get him a snack or let him go on the computer.

His heart is so pure.  I would like to take credit, but neither Steve or I can.  Because he was just made that way...pure of heart, loving, considerate.

He made the school nurse a card tonight...on his own because it was school nurse's day.

He reads people and offers hugs or a kind word freely.

Nathan is a special guy.  He makes me proud every single day.  Because he is pure and wonderful in the biggest way that counts.

I used the May kit from My Scrapbook Nook for this layout!  Love the Basic is fun mixing patterns!   Be sure to check out our virtual crop starting tomorrow and going until Sunday evening!

My son.  My Nathan.  He gets the ribbon for the winning smile!


  1. OHHHHHHHHH this post made my heart sing...I have one of those little boys too...and they are the best!!!

    Be proud Momma!!!

    Love that LO and the tribute is the best!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  2. Such a stunning layout!!! You have such a beautiful style!


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