Monday, July 4, 2011

It was Amazing

The Shuglefest as it is now known...the college reunion that took place in our backyard this weekend.  It has been going on since Thursday was crazy, loud, a million kids, and a great time.  It makes you so happy to see old and true friends.  People you didn't expect to show up, and those you knew about!

Here is a sample of what our backyard looked like:

Fourteen tents, three tents inside, 30 adults and 16 kids.  Pounds of burgers, dogs, pasta salad and a special delivery of seafood straight from Alaska.  We had a Ben and Jerry's ice cream table all set up to let the kids make sundae's.

The best part was seeing our children becoming friends.  It was special!  

I will have a ton of pictures to scrap! 

Speaking of scrapbooking, I have been playing with all the new Teresa Collins.  I am in my glory!  If you are looking for a Halloween collection, look no further.  And I just saw the new Webster's and I have to say that I am one lucky girl.  Really lucky!

Want to win some new Bling from Webster's!?  There is a chance to WIN everyday at InspireME! All you need to do is post the badge below to your blogs, FB, or anywhere where you like to chat. We will find you daily for a chance to win that day's new Webster's Pages Product!

Off to edit, and rest, and clean....Here is a recent Webster's page before I leave!  It was inspired by our July guest designer, Leann!
Happy days!


  1. what a great page - love how you turned the nautical theme more to a personal angle :D

  2. wow check out your backyard! How cool, it must have been the best time ever!! Gorgeous layout too - love that title :)


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