Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer Loving

Summer life is awesome....a calm pace, lots of activities with the kids, great weather and no real demands besides what I am bringing to the next picnic.  I spent the day yesterday with friends at the Brimfield Antique was huge and hot.  We all left dusty, sweaty, slightly sunburnt, but happy and giggling.  I loved scouring each booth for little finds.  I went with a list of home decor things and got all but two of my desires.  I swear that Pinterest helped focus me because I have many antiqued items pinned in my home section!

I love well-worn items that have a story.  Love when something fits just right in your house!  So many unique pieces....

I have one of those at home already named Ella.  I have talked before of her love for fashion.  She comes downstairs in the craziest getups somethings.  I love it because she is expressing her style and showing her confidence.  To celebrate that, I made this layout using the new Webster's Pages goodies.  They might be new, but they have a vintage feel, especially the netting.

I had to use the new netting on a project and I was a tad intimidated.  But once you start cutting, it works out just fine. 

I love how the yellow netting mimics the tulle skirt in the photo!  I added little touches of it and it adds so much texture!  I adore this line:  Western Romance, and it is sweet and soft!  The minute I saw that dress clothesline, I knew I would use it banner style.  That Brandin O'Neil is a creative genius!

Hope you are having a great summer so far, full of adventures and lazy afternoons!


  1. speaking of pinterest.....after seeing this layout, i'm starting a new board for "pages". i love how you folded the doily at the top. And the perfect chip embellies for these photos. love it.

  2. That is absolutely fantastic!!

  3. Hey Stacey, I think you are a creative genius too! Love at that gorgeous layout! Love it!

  4. Hey there. Beautiful work, Stacey! Thoroughly enjoyed our day in Brimfield. I'm still keeping my eye out for that special letter "M"!


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