Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stash It: Daily Junque

I don't scrap from my stash nearly enough.  And it grows and grows...that is what happens when you keep shopping but don't pull stuff out.  I make lots of things, but most have to do with an assignment.  I am going to change that a bit.  I plan to go to my stash at least one time a month...if not more and just make something...for fun, because I loved the product when I saw it!

Daily Junque by Pink Paislee did that for me!  I realize it isn't even considered old, but I have had it for a while.  Just sitting there, all pretty in its folder!

I opened it! and made this:

I love the navy in this collection.  It is hard to find a good navy...when you have a boy, it is important!  I had to tell this story.  The first picture is the first one I took this Easter day!  Nathan was crabby!  I had high hopes to get a good photo considering it was Easter and they were all dolled up!  I had to seriously bribe them to get to the photo on the bottom.  LOL!

The metal embellies are all from my stash too!  I have so much cool stuff all color coordinated that I just don't touch!

So there you go!  I am pledging to use up my stash...will you help hold me to it?


  1. Yep I'm going to hold you to it, Stace! Haha, or else I'll come over and help you use up that incredible stash you must have!! LOVE this page, the colours in the photos are perfect with this line. And I love how you had to bribe them for the good shot - I do that with my kids all the time :)

  2. What a beautiful layout! Love the navy too!!!! I know just what you mean about kids not wanting to take pictures specially on a special day! I love using my stash!!! Good luck too with that... :)

  3. Oh! Your handwriting is amazing! I saw you were featured on the blog! Congrats! /Pia


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