Saturday, August 27, 2011

All Grown Up

I can't believe this little girl:

Is going to kindergarten...

both of my children in school...

where did it go...and it only seems to be going faster.

She just graduated from preschool:

She had fun, one instance of tude!  But that is to be expected from a strong, confident young girl.

Who has lots of friends she will miss and I am sure many more to come!

She is graduated and ready...

Even though I might not be...


  1. Those classes are the cutest thing "evva"! Love the strips on the LO - ver effective!! Yip, I also wonder where the time goes - it flies when you're having fun (and not - it seems:)

  2. What an adorable LO Stacey and your kids are ADORABLE!!

  3. She is looking so big, Stacey! Too cute!


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