Friday, August 26, 2011

Screens, Screens

So many screens...


I look forward to the kids going back to school so that their need to have screens is squashed!

We limit.  We have reading time.  We go on trips.  We do a bunch.

They still want screens.  I know it is the age of technology...Nathan is a whiz on the computer.

I did this layout a while back for Magazine!  I have been scrapping and creating new stuff, but can't show anything yet!

He loves screens. He loves to play with his toys along with the movie or show.  But I want him to discover an old-fashioned style of play.  The kind that I grew up on.

One that doesn't have so many screens.


  1. This is fun! I love that keyboardy page! I totally feel you on the screen time!

  2. Oh girl, I feel your pain! Ryan lives to be attached to a screen. Unfortunately, so does Daddy! If you figure out a way to get them to do more old fashioned stuff withouth major battles, let me know.:) Love your adorable page!

  3. Oh dear, sounds like my princess - only 5 and running the show on the PC - must be the age we're living in!! Love the laptop with title!! Supercute :)


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